The dizziness of freedom

“Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.” Soren Kierkegaard.

Thanks to Andres Jerkas for passing this quote on to me.

Why is anxiety the dizziness of freedom? Anxiety is a sign that unconscious feelings are rising to the surface. The hidden potential of the patient is about to be revealed. We always explore what makes the patient anxious because that is what most wants to be revealed in this moment.

Thus, anxiety is an invitation to face the unknown within ourselves. Anxiety points the way to a path of freedom, so we can surpass our self-imposed limitations known as defenses.

Anxiety is also a message: “This is what I have feared to become. Will you help this part of me emerge so that I can gain the freedom to unfold my potential?”

The defenses which protected the patient in the past are the chains that keep in in bondage today. If we can help him see and let go of his chains, he regains his freedom to feel, to be, to unfold his potential.






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