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18 Skills to Overcome Defenses

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Skill-Building Audio Course, part 2

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Skills for Working with Fragile Patients

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Comprehensive Skill Building for Working with Highly Resistant Patients

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The Lies We Tell Ourselves by Jon Frederickson
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Co-creating Change by Jon Frederickson

co-creating-change-smallCo-Creating Change provides the therapist clear steps, strategies and interventions to overcome the numerous obstacles that prevent the co-creation of a relationship for change. Many books describe a theory but not how to put it into practice. They reveal what the patient said, but not how the therapist intervened. Yet to succeed, therapists must know what to do. And to know what to do, they must know how to assess the patient moment-by-moment in the session. Each chapter presents a specific ingredient for co-creating change, shows how to assess it, and how to intervene. Co-Creating Change teaches a theory of assessment and how to put it into practice. Through numerous clinical vignettes the therapist learns how to be optimally responsive to the patient’s needs moment-by-moment. It shows how to intervene with literally hundreds of defenses.
First prize in psychiatry, British Medical Association 2014
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Reaching through Resistanceby Allan Abbass
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Maximizing Effectiveness in Dynamic Psychotherapy by Patricia Coughlin
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couglin-istdpIntensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy by Patricia Coughlin
The best introduction to ISTDP on the market today.  In very clear language Dr. Coughlin outlines the basic concepts of ISTDP and how to apply them.
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lives-transformedLives Transformed by Patricia Coughlin and David Malan
Each chapter is organized around a case to illustrate different clinical processes which Dr. Malan analyzes to establish what were the curative factors in treatment.
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psychodynamic-psychotherapyPsychodynamic Psychotherapy: Learning to Listen from Multiple Perspectives by Jon Frederickson shows how to listen and intervene from four perspectives: reflection, conflict, defense analysis, and transference analysis.  Each perspective has a brief theoretical chapter that shows how to listen and intervene followed by sample session transcripts which are presented in two ways.  First, the transcript is presented with questions.  Second, the transcript is presented with answers to the questions and sample interventions showing how to intervene from that perspective.  In the final chapter a single transcript is analyzed from three perspectives, showing how different approaches yield different interpretations based on different rules for timing.  If you want to intervene, this is the book to get.  Although not based on ISTDP, the learning skills in this book will help anyone learning how to do ISTDP.
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supervisory-encounterThe Supervisory Encounter by Dr. Daniel Jacobs et al.
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KuhnIntensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy: A Reference by Nat Kuhn MD
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Malan-individual-psychotherapyIndividual Psychotherapy and the Science of Psychodynamics by David Malan
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Mastering the Inner SkillsMastering the Inner Skills of Psychotherapy: A Deliberate Practice Manual by Tony Rousmaniere PsyD
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Interview: Jon Frederickson on Deliberate Practice and the Path Toward Psychotherapy Expertise

Interview of Jon Frederickson by David Van Nuys at Shrink Rap

The Wise Counsel Podcast: An Interview with Jon Frederickson, MSW, on Experiential Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
audio and transcript

Interview with Jon Frederickson in Psykolognyt 17. maj 2013

Interview with Allan Abbass, M.D.

Interview in Arabic on ISTDP featuring Nayla Majdalani


Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy: An Introduction, by Jon Frederickson
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French translation

Transference Resistance: A Case Example, by Jon Frederickson
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The Man Who Awoke from a Coma: Treatment of a Dissociative Patient, by Jon Frederickson, MSW

ISTDP with a Patient Suffering from Longstanding Severe Somatic Complaints, by Jon Frederickson, MSW

Separating Ego and Superego in a Recovering Drug Addict, by Jon Frederickson, MSW

Self Supervision, by Jon Frederickson, MSW


The Efficacy of Short-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in Specific Psychiatric Disorders, by Falk Leichsenring, DSc, Sven Rabung, MSc, and Eric Leibing, DSc

Can Trauma or Angst Heal in One Session?  Psychology Today, November 14, 2011 by Dora Calott Wang, M.D.

The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, J. Shedler

Abbass, Allan, Town, Joel. Driessen, Ellen (2013) Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy: A Review of the Treatment Method and Empirical Basis

Abbass, A., Town, J., Driessen, E. (2012) Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Outcome Research.  Harvard Review of Psychiatry Vol. 20 (2): 97-108.

Article in Swedish on ISTDP by Tor Wennerberg

Article in Swedish:  Skräddarsydd behandling med ISTDP, by Peter Lilliengren

Videotaping Therapy by Tony Rousmaniere, PsyD  pdf


Research Studies on Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

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