Introduction to Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, by Institute Founder Jon Frederickson, MSW

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The-Lies-cover-smallIn The Lies We Tell Ourselves, psychotherapist Jon Frederickson reveals the ways we fool ourselves and how to get unstuck.
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BMA-Award-Certificate-Frederickson-2014-smallJon Frederickson is the author of Co-Creating Change (May 2013), the first-ever guide to intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy that includes both an integrative theory of conflict and a moment-by-moment method of assessment to guide therapist interventions.
First prize in psychiatry, British Medical Association 2014

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For the first time ever, we’re making this collection of 18 skill-building
psychotherapy audio studies public. Previously available only via multi-year
training programs, this audio course teaches you how to quickly identify and
address defenses that can prevent a therapeutic alliance from forming.

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NEW COURSE: Comprehensive Skill Building for Working with Highly Resistant Patients

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Psychotherapy videos show how to treat severe anxiety and how to overcome projection.

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