Our purpose: alleviating human suffering to build healthier communities.

Our goal: people achieving their full potential through training, supervision, and intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy

Our values: personal integrity, commitment to excellence, and compassion for self and others.

Audio courses

For the first time ever, we’re making a collection of 18 skill-building
psychotherapy audio studies public. Previously available only via multi-year
training programs, this audio course teaches you how to quickly identify and
address defenses that can prevent a therapeutic alliance from forming.

New course: Comprehensive Skill Building for Working with Highly Resistant Patients


Psychotherapy videos show how to treat severe anxiety and how to overcome projection.

new The Highly Resistant Patient


Treating the Fragile Patient DVD set

Free skill-building exercises

  • Do you have depressed or discouraged patients?
  • Do they have trouble finding a positive goal for therapy?
  • Without a positive goal, they can’t improve.

In the following skill building exercises, you will learn how to mobilize patients to develop positive goals so they can have a positive experience in therapy.

These skill building exercises are FREE!
Try them out.

  • Practice them until you have mastered them.
  • Pass them on to your friends.
  • Practice them with your friends.
  • Experience how deliberate practice of specific skills leads to mastery.