The New Psychology

We require the second hand knowledge of our researchers, and we require the first hand knowledge of our own therapies, meditation, and self-inquiry.

We no longer blame parents, lovers, and friends for our suffering. We inquire into the ways that we create our own suffering today.

We no longer cling to divinities like Freud, Beck, or Davanloo. They were not the truth; they simply were able to point us toward it. We don’t try to kill other theories for nearly every theory has a piece of the truth. We no longer idealize pet theories because we are always looking for the truth toward which all theories aspire.

We discover the ways we try to get rid of our experience that is life itself by explaining it away. And at the same time we dedicate ourselves to facing our present experience as it is, open to who we become.

We keep finding out how we humans are always waiting for some revelation of the truth from someone else somewhere else in the future. At the same time, we dedicate ourselves to stop waiting for the future and being present to the now. For the truth we need is here, now, in our waiting and in what we have rejected (especially what we have rejected).

We become more aware of how we try to escape from life: our lies and defenses. At the same time, we dedicate ourselves to the acceptance of imperfection, uncertainty, and doubt. The doorways of ideas and certainty part as we enter the world of now and the not yet known.

Mind, body, thoughts, fantasies, ideas, urges to escape, nothing is excluded. What we reject in ourselves is what we must embrace to see the wholeness that we already are. These divisions were never divided. They are just the concepts we apply to the world and each other.

And this experience of not yet knowing, of being overwhelmed, of being filled with feeling, of letting go of certainty? This is understanding as Heidegger describes it: standing under something much larger than our concepts, words, ideas, and certainty.






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