What if feelings are forms of love?

According to Bion, our work is an exercise in faith that we can become transformed by becoming at one with the emotional truth of this moment. So the good news is this: the beloved, the emotional Truth of this moment is always here now. It is always patiently awaiting our embrace. And just to make sure we get it, reality sends us messages: sadness, anxiety, anger, joy, depression, confusion, panic, emotional closeness, emotional distance, good relationships, horrible relationships, everything under the sun. “Do I have to embrace emotional reality?” No. Our beloved is very patient. S/he has been waiting within us for the reunion, the inner marriage, for our entire lives. The beloved, your inner life, will wait within you until you decide to take the plunge into you.


Every feeling, every problem, and every crisis in our lives carries a key to unlock some special place within you. By experiencing these feelings as deeply as possible, each time another treasure chest in you is unlocked, revealing hidden dimensions of you. As the defenses crack, light shines on the dark places within you. And by bearing the darkness within, thought forms within you, shedding new light onto the world. Your light.


Wisdom can be borrowed from books, but it is earned only through diving into the inner life. And having dived, we experience ourselves more deeply. And from that experience, we learn. Now a new thought can be born out of the womb of feeling experience. It’s called insight not because it is sight into you but sight from within you, from within the womb of feeling and pain.


What if each feeling is a form of love arising within you to unlock a special place in you that needs healing and is offering the exact insight you need in this moment? Bion suggested that when we bear these feelings, we become the prism that refracts these feelings into the spectra of colors. By letting these feelings go through you deeply, you allow a special form of light to come into the world, your light. The feelings that rush in after we surrender our denial can feel like a fire burning up our illusions, but out of the ashes emerges the person you could be, the person you have not yet met. That’s why your feelings are forms of love, invitations to meet your destiny.






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  1. María José, Ph Avatar

    It is clear that if we did not have any suffering, we did not move a sengle finger to change our lives. Then all of us would stay at limbo. The same would happen to our bodies if blood were not so red!

    It seems the deeper your pain is the closer of your real self you are.

    Great post!!

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