There is something wrong with me!

What if what you think is wrong with you is the sign of what is trying to grow and emerge from within you? What if what you think is wrong is a signal of what is right? What if this stuckness is the pointer to where you want to go? You say you feel broken by what has happened. But you are still here. Is it possible you didn’t break, but your illusions did? What if their breakage allowed you to emerge from the cocoon of your former more limited self?  What if your pain is not wrong, but your personal birth canal? What if your flaws are not wrong, but just another sign of the reality of you showing up? What if you are not meant to be some perfect ideal, but just you?


“They’re wrong!”


When they show up as “wrong”, could that mean reality showed up instead of our fantasy? What if you are being born into reality when you see them instead of your fantasy? Can we relate to them rather than punish them for not being our fantasy? What if their flaws are not wrong, but just a sign of reality showing up? Why should they be perfect? We aren’t. What if they are not meant to be some perfect ideal, but just them? What if they aren’t meant to be ideal figures in our internal doll house? What if what we perceive as wrong in other people is what we reject in ourselves? What if everyone we judge as “wrong” is just a personal mirror sent to us to reveal our dark sides? What if all those “wrong” people are just trying to help us see and love the dark side of our inner life? What if they are our teachers? Every moment.






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