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Past conferences


January 13-14: Jon Frederickson, Heart to Heart Communication: listening and talking to the unconscious therapeutic alliance, Washington School of Psychiatry,

March 20:  Jon Frederickson, “The Man who thought therapy was ‘bullshit’: working with character resistance, Ersta Skondal Hogskole, Stockholm, Sweden

March 22-23: Allan Abbass, German Psychosomatic Conference: Keynote and Workshop

March 24-26:  Allan Abbass, Presentation on Fragility, Swiss Society for ISTDP, Bern, Switzerland.

April 12-14: Allan Abbass, Norwegian Immersion: Drammen Norway

April 13-15:   Jon Frederickson, “Regulating Dysregulated Affects,” Warsaw, Poland

April 16: Jon Frederickson, Book reading: The Lies We Tell Ourselves, Warsaw, Poland

April 17: Jon Frederickson, Book reading: The Lies We Tell Ourselves, Krakow, Poland

April 16-20: Allan Abbass, Emotion Revolution: Bergin Norway

April 25: Allan Abbass, Flemish Association for Psychoanalytic Therapy: Workshop: Kortenberg,

June 10-15: Jon Frederickson, Washington School of Psychiatry Summer School, “Beyond words: non-verbal communication in therapy”

July 30-August 1: Jon Frederickson, Three Day Training in ISTDP, Istanbul, Turkey.

August 11: Jon Frederickson, Conference in Melbourne, Australia

August 17-19: Allan Abbass, Swiss Society for ISTDP: Immersion and Supervision

August 24-26: Allan Abbass, 7th Swedish Immersion: Timing of interventions in Resistant

August 30-September 1: Allan Abbass, 4th Danish ISTDP Immersion: Focus on Fragile
Character Structure

September 24-28: Allan Abbass, 15th Halifax Immersion and  September 27-28, 2 Day
Supervision: Focus on ISTDP for Treatment Resistant Cases:

October 19: Jon Frederickson, Teaching Day, Gothenburg, Sweden

October 23-25: Jon Frederickson, Fourth Annual Training for Danish ISTDP Society Core Training Students, Odense, Denmark.