The Highly Resistant Patient

Working with Resistance, Devaluation, and Contempt

Have you ever worked with a client who claimed he didn’t have feelings, didn’t know how he felt them, devalued you and his loved ones, and took a helpless, passive stance in therapy? Have you ever worked with a client who had never benefitted from previous therapies due to his resistant stance?
If so, here you can learn how to work with passivity, helplessness, contempt, and detachment in a highly resistant patient.
This DVD package of the fourth and fifth sessions of treatment will show you:
—how to help patients see relationship destructive behaviors
—how to help patients see the price of their behaviors in their lives and therapy
—how to help patients let go of therapy destructive behaviors
—how to help patients face the painful feelings his wall of resistance wards off
—how to help patients stop resisting and start collaborating.
These DVDs will show you what to do and what to say. The CD contains a complete analyzed transcript of the sessions, showing you how to understand each client response and each intervention by the therapist. This is real therapy with a real client showing real results.

DVD 1: Session four: helping the patient see his resistance and the price he pays by using it
DVD 2: Session five: helping the patient see and let go of his contempt and devaluation of the therapist
CD: Complete transcript and analysis by Jon Frederickson

$150 for the set